Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jason Caryl

Hello everyone, i was accepted into this group a year ago. But i have been silent until now.
I was raised very strict SDA. I attended SDA school, attended pathfinders, attended Daniel and Revelations seminars, camp meetings, no television, vegan.
When i was young, we ate only two meals a day (I still can't find out where this teaching originated, but I believe it came out of weimar Institute?)
I read many of EGWs writings: the great controversy, messages to young people, steps to christ and more.
I was asked to give my first adult sabbath school lesson at 12. I wanted to attend walla walla college and enter the ministry.
I left the SDA church at 16 after reading some of the churches earlier writings and a book called "the white lie", but i didn't leave Christianity until I was 30.
I went from church to church, studying their doctrines and origin and biblical theology. ... The story was always the same, 1) very rarely did I find even a pastor who knew their bible as well as i did (yes I had a size L ego) and 2) The Sabbath haunted me.
I was baptized half a dozen times, married a Mormon for which I was baptized again, converted to evangelical "born again" Christianity and entered the ministry as a cult evangelist (evangelizing to mornings, jws, sda's etc).
I left the ministry in 2005 after I went to my associate and senior pastors with biblical problems and I was told to be "careful".
I self studied, determined to read through my bible from gen to rev and journal my way either back to god or straight to hell, at that point I didn't care which as long as I had asked/answered every question honestly.
Today, I'm an evangelical atheist humanist. I work with and am organizing a local chapter of Sunday Assembly in my area.
That's the short version of my story. .....

Peter Veitch

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